Legal Documents

January 23, 2018
Gabriela Silang
San Juan, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

This letter is to acknowledge the payment from (name of buyer) for the stall (# here) at Orani Public Market in Orani, Bataan. The total amount of payment for the stall is (total amount here) and the initial amount of payment is (paid amount here).

The remaining balance is amounting to one million five hundred thousand pesos (P1,500,000) that is payable until April 2018 only and the amount of five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) will be paid monthly amounting to fifty thousand pesos (P50,000) within ten (10) months period.

Name of recipient

Name of buyer

Legal Documents

This is a sample text that you can use in creating an employment certificate. You need to include your company logo, header and also footer.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that Ms. Katherine Austria is a regular employee of Katos Online Services and works as a SEO Manager. She has been employed since January 23, 2005 up to present. She’s earning a gross salary P 21,000.00 month exclusive of Overtime, COLA and Meal Allowance.

Ms. Austria manifests good relationship with her co-workers in her employment with Katos Online Services.

Issued this 11th of April 2016 for whatever legal purpose it may serve her.

Apolinario Mabini
General Manager

Legal Documents


 It is on the day Tuesday dated 8 January 2016 that an agreement has taken place between:

  1. First Party

Name of the company here


Address will be in this part

  1. Second Party

Juan Dela Cruz

Nationality: Filipino

Passport No.: _________


The parties mentioned above have the full capacity to contract and mutually have agreed as follows:

  1. That the second party accepts to work for the first party as Operation Manager in Fujairah, UAE.


Salary Details Amount In Words
Basic Salary 7,000 Seven Thousand Dirhams only
House Rent 500 Five Hundred
Transportation 500 Five Hundred
Other Allowance 500 Five Hundred
TOTAL 8,500 Eight Thousand Five Hundred

Other remarks / notes:

  • Round Trip Economy Air Ticket per 2 years of service.

Duration of Contract

 The duration of the agreement shall be from 13th March 2016 to 12 March 2019.

The two parties hereto have agreed that the second party shall be subject to a probation period of three (3) to six (6) months from the beginning of employment.

The limited employment agreement expires on the date of expiry but in case the two parties continue to execute the agreement, then it shall be considered as renewed for an additional period of one year from the date of expiry on the same terms and conditions and the contract is also considered renewed if neither party gives notice to end the contract within one month of its expiry.

The employee is liable to dismissal from employment without notice on the following conditions:

  1. The worker commits a mistake resulting in huge loss for the employer.
  2. Disobeys rules causing harm to the work.
  3. Discloses the firm’s secrets.
  4. Commits indecent acts and is found guilty in court of law.
  5. If found drunk during work.
  6. If the employee attacks the owner or his superiors.
  7. If the employee is absent from work for more than twenty (20) days per year or seven (7) continuous days without excuse.
  8. If the employee works for others.
  9. If the employee raises his/her voice, insults or offends others during his/her duty.

This agreement is made into two (2) copies and each party hereto shall have one copy to act according whenever necessary.

End of Service Benefits

As per company policy.

Working Hours

The normal working hours are eight (8) hours per day, six (6) days a week.

Conditions of joining the Company:

You are expected to cope with a heavy workload and put in long hours including overtime. You will probably be called in over weekends and public holidays.

Annual Leave

The employee will get an annual leave with pay for a period of thirty (30) working days.

Medical Benefits

The company will provide full medical benefits.

During the period of Employment

  1. You are required to perform your work with due care and attention.
  2. Take care of all company equipment/tools/property and undertake all that is necessary for its safekeeping and maintenance.
  3. Return to the employer all company belongings, equipment and unused materials given to you or placed under your care and supervision at the time of termination of your employment.


Employees can approach Media Free Zone in the event they have not been paid their salaries for two (2) months. In case that it has been more than two (2) months,  Media Free Zone will not be responsible for any claims made by the employees and the employers.

Legal Documents

Sample 1:


Dear [Name of Recipient],

This letter is made to inform you about our repeated request for payments on your overdue account. You need to pay an amount of [Amount of Payment] on or before [Date].

It has been more than 2 months since we received payments from you and our demands have been ignored in the past month. We would like you to settle this amount on the given date or contact us directly to inquire about your overdue account.

If you ignore this letter, we will be forced to file a legal complaint against you and it may affect your credit rating considerably. Thank you for understanding.





Sample 2:



Dear [name of recipient],

We have repeatedly advised you to pay your long overdue with an amount of [amount]. We’ve been trying to contact you for several months to settle the payments, but we haven’t heard anything for you.

Since you have not made any payments and you are not dealing with your overdue account, we decided to turn your account to our lawyer with the instructions to commence the lawsuit without delay. However, there is still time to stop this if you will contact us within the next 10 days to deal with the amount.

This will be your final chance to resolve the matters without the need to be on a legal proceeding.


[Name of Sender]



Sample 3:



[Name of Recipient]
[Name of Company]
[Zip Code]

Dear [Name of Recipient],

It’s been 4 months since your last payment and we sent a mail to you last month with regard to your overdue account. However, we still haven’t received any response from you. There are no records that you updated your address as well, so we are expecting that you are receiving the letters that we have been sending with regard to this overdue account.

You have been ignoring our demands for payment and we are sending this mail as your final notice before we decide to proceed on a legal action to settle everything.

We attached all of the information that you need about your overdue account and we are expecting you to pay it within the next ten days or you can call or visit us so we can work on an acceptable proposal for the payment.

If you ignore this letter, we will be filing a legal complaint after 10 days. Thank you for your cooperation.


[Name of Sender]

Legal Documents

Sample 1:


William J. Smith, currently residing or having a principle place of business at, 123 Carmel Street, City of ABC, County of DEF, State of GHI, hereby certify that the lien mentioned below was paid in full. In consideration of the payment made, the undersigned hereby consent that the lien is discharged and released.

The Lien that will be discharged and released was made by a notice of lien dated the 25th day of February, 2015 and it was filed by the lienor on the 13th day of March, 2015 with an amount of Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) encumbering the real estate property known as ABC real estate.

Dated: ______________


Sample 2:


Jimmy Buckets, an individual with an address of 123 Carmel Street, New York, filed a lien on the property of Vincent Morry, with an address of 456 Orange Street, New York, which property is fully described as follows:

[Full legal description of the property]

The lien mentioned above was recorded in [Date and Place where it is recorded]. The lien was made to secure a claim of Jimmy Buckets against Vincent Morry because of the following reasons:

[Claim of Lien Holder]

After paying $10,000 by the owner, the receipt will be acknowledged and the Lien Holder hereby:
Terminate the above lien and certify that the claim was full paid.
Release all right, title and interest of the Lien Holder to the owner because of the lien.
Forever discharge the owner for any claims, demands and liabilities connected to the lien made by the lien holder.

______________________________ ____________________________ (Seal)
(Signature of witness) [list name of lien holder]

(Signature of witness)


Sample 3:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that the undersigned [Name of the Lien Holder], having filed a lien claim against the property of [OWNER] on the 25th day of February, 2015, against the real estate property described as follows:

[Description of Property]

with an amount of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000).

As soon as the payment was received on the claim of lien, [LIEN HOLDER] hereby acknowledge the satisfaction of the claim and cancel and discharge the claim.

Name of Lienor