Cover letter samples

New Horizon Latest Project Conditions

Dear New Horizon Project Manager

We welcome you to our company and we look forward to work with you in reaching success.

New Horizon is set to launch within the next few weeks. I am responsible in handling all the preparations and in providing the necessary things.

Because of this, I want to take this opportunity to discuss the project conditions for the new project manager:

• Improvement of communication level
• Receiving and responding to important emails
• Conducting evaluations to prospected clients such as business owners and schools
• Scheduling of meet ups on time and handing down actual proposals
• Submission of completed reports and transactions

Again, I want to thank you for being part of the company. Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you need some clarifications.

Thank you very much,

Arthur Natividad Gonzales
Project Manager

Legal Documents

This is a sample text that you can use in creating an employment certificate. You need to include your company logo, header and also footer.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that Ms. Katherine Austria is a regular employee of Katos Online Services and works as a SEO Manager. She has been employed since January 23, 2005 up to present. She’s earning a gross salary P 21,000.00 month exclusive of Overtime, COLA and Meal Allowance.

Ms. Austria manifests good relationship with her co-workers in her employment with Katos Online Services.

Issued this 11th of April 2016 for whatever legal purpose it may serve her.

Apolinario Mabini
General Manager

Business Correspondence

December 27, 2016
Maria Isabel Vargas Lopez
Flat 21, Rm 201 Versalles Tower
Riga, Deira , Dubai , UAE

The Unknown Inc.
Dimalanta st., Manhatan, Abu Dhabi

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this in response to a specific item included in my credit report as of (date of report). According to the particular record, I own an account with you that has been reported as delinquent. See the attached files of the report for reference.

As what my records state, the questioned payment was sent on (complete date) in the amount of (exact amount). Since the payment is not yet due this month, I cannot understand why this has been reported as “unpaid”.

All my payments on the account are completely updated, prior to this particular problem. Please let me know if your records indicate that I have paid on time. Please take time to review the copies I have attached stating the cleared check.

Also, would you please notify the credit bureaus of this error? Moreover, I would like to receive a letter from you saying that you have made the appropriate correction to the best of your ability. Your immediate action in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Lola Amorzillo

Business Correspondence

December 27, 2016
Jess Elizalde Pantig
Karuhatan Valensuella , Metro Manila
Complaint Department

Elastic Inc.
Dimahanap St., San Francisco, CA

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to dispute fraudulent (debit or charge) as seen on my account. The amount is $_____. I believe that I am a victim of an identity theft. I did not make any of these (charges or debit), nor I authorized someone to act on my own behalf. I would like to request that the (money charged be removed/the particular debit reinstated), and that any other charges and finances related to the dubious amount be credited. I would also like to obtain an accurate statement of account.

Attached to this letter are the copies (If you have any attached information like legal or police report, you have to use this sentence) supporting my dispute. Please take time to investigate this concern, and correct all fraudulent (debit or charge) as soon as possible. It would be appreciated if you take a time to respond to this letter in writing.

I would wait for this particular problem to be resolved and have an unrelenting patronage of your services. Thank you very for your assistance.

Juan Dela Cruz

*Make sure to include all the relevant copies of files to support your claim.

Business Correspondence

Date : Dec 26, 2016

Name of recipient


Name of Company



Dear Sir/Madam (Recipient name):

We would like to thank you for selecting (Name of the company) for your (type of business) needs. We are proud to say that you will be satisfied with the services we offer. We are confident that our services will completely suit your every need.

The files we attached will help you in maximizing the use of our services. Your account manager, (Name of the account manager), can be contacted at (phone number). Your account number is as follows: (Account Number). When you call us, please have the account number readily accessible so we can go on with your requests without any delay.

We know that over time, your needs will change. So, we are happy to help you with your every need. We offer the right services that can help you in achieving your new objectives. We cannot stress any further how thankful we are for choosing the services of (Name of the company).

We are confident that we will be able to provide the best service for each of our clients. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to discuss any of your questions to ensure the quality of our services.


(Name of the sender)

(Title of the sender)

Business Correspondence, Other Sample Letters

IMPORTANT: You have to tell the credit bureau what information you suppose is not accurate. This has to be done in writing. Also, include the copies of the important documents to support your dispute. These copies are not the original. You can photocopy the original and send the copies along with the letter



Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State, Zip Code


Complaint Department

Name of Credit Bureau



Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to you to dispute the information in my file. The items, which are in dispute, are highlighted in the attached copy of the report I have obtained.

This particular item (Classify item(s) disputed by the source’s name, such as creditors or tax court, and know the type of them item, such as judgment ,  credit account, etc.) is (incomplete or inaccurate) because (make sure to describe the items that are inaccurate or incomplete, and explain why). I request for the item to be deleted (or, you may request any applicable changes) to ensure accuracy of the information.

Included here are the copies of (Put this sentence if necessary and describe the documentations included, such as court documents of records of payment) supporting my dispute. Please take the time to re-investigate (this/these) concern(s) and (correct or delete) the items being disputed as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,


Files: (List of the files you included on this letter)

Business Correspondence

December 12, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

Please authorize Mr. Mark Sampaguita to process my product purchase
due to some important matters that I need to address immediately.

My membership username is joandela and the total amount of product
that I want to purchase is 210,000 pesos only.

Attached here is my LTO driver’s license and my membership ID for your

Hoping for your kind consideration..

Thank you very much and God bless

Respectfully yours
Joan dela Cruz

Business Correspondence

St. Claire College of the Divine
1425 Sunset Blvd., LA, Ca 190272
Tel: 1023 334 5678


5 December 2015

TMex Publishing House
1267 Aurora Street
Baton Rouge
NY, NY 567234

Dear Sirs,

Paralegal Books and Manuals

We  are currently updating references for the above books and manuals for our library for use this coming school year.

I should be grateful if you would send us your brochures and price list.  Can you also include the references that are available online and the subscription cost?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Sandra Jones
College Librarian
Tel: 5647 234 0957

Legal Documents


 It is on the day Tuesday dated 8 January 2016 that an agreement has taken place between:

  1. First Party

Name of the company here


Address will be in this part

  1. Second Party

Juan Dela Cruz

Nationality: Filipino

Passport No.: _________


The parties mentioned above have the full capacity to contract and mutually have agreed as follows:

  1. That the second party accepts to work for the first party as Operation Manager in Fujairah, UAE.


Salary Details Amount In Words
Basic Salary 7,000 Seven Thousand Dirhams only
House Rent 500 Five Hundred
Transportation 500 Five Hundred
Other Allowance 500 Five Hundred
TOTAL 8,500 Eight Thousand Five Hundred

Other remarks / notes:

  • Round Trip Economy Air Ticket per 2 years of service.

Duration of Contract

 The duration of the agreement shall be from 13th March 2016 to 12 March 2019.

The two parties hereto have agreed that the second party shall be subject to a probation period of three (3) to six (6) months from the beginning of employment.

The limited employment agreement expires on the date of expiry but in case the two parties continue to execute the agreement, then it shall be considered as renewed for an additional period of one year from the date of expiry on the same terms and conditions and the contract is also considered renewed if neither party gives notice to end the contract within one month of its expiry.

The employee is liable to dismissal from employment without notice on the following conditions:

  1. The worker commits a mistake resulting in huge loss for the employer.
  2. Disobeys rules causing harm to the work.
  3. Discloses the firm’s secrets.
  4. Commits indecent acts and is found guilty in court of law.
  5. If found drunk during work.
  6. If the employee attacks the owner or his superiors.
  7. If the employee is absent from work for more than twenty (20) days per year or seven (7) continuous days without excuse.
  8. If the employee works for others.
  9. If the employee raises his/her voice, insults or offends others during his/her duty.

This agreement is made into two (2) copies and each party hereto shall have one copy to act according whenever necessary.

End of Service Benefits

As per company policy.

Working Hours

The normal working hours are eight (8) hours per day, six (6) days a week.

Conditions of joining the Company:

You are expected to cope with a heavy workload and put in long hours including overtime. You will probably be called in over weekends and public holidays.

Annual Leave

The employee will get an annual leave with pay for a period of thirty (30) working days.

Medical Benefits

The company will provide full medical benefits.

During the period of Employment

  1. You are required to perform your work with due care and attention.
  2. Take care of all company equipment/tools/property and undertake all that is necessary for its safekeeping and maintenance.
  3. Return to the employer all company belongings, equipment and unused materials given to you or placed under your care and supervision at the time of termination of your employment.


Employees can approach Media Free Zone in the event they have not been paid their salaries for two (2) months. In case that it has been more than two (2) months,  Media Free Zone will not be responsible for any claims made by the employees and the employers.


When readers read an article, they expect to see a pattern of organization.  We can achieve this by arranging the ideas or information contained in our paragraphs in a particular pattern or a logical sequence of thoughts.  Listed below are some of these patterns:

  1. Chronological Order – ideas are arranged in time sequence. This is very useful in explaining or stating a step-by-step procedure or an event. When you use this order, you simply tell what happened first, next and so forth.  You can use transitional expressions such as the ordinals first, second, third….., in the past (future), now, once, since, then finally, etc.
  1. Spatial Order – ideas are arranged according to space relations. You may describe from top to bottom, bottom to top,  left to right, nearest to farthest, or any other arrangement that starts at one specific point and moves on in a specific direction.  You may use transition words such as from, here, inside, in front, next to,  under, over, etc, to show direction.  To add a number of ideas together you can use additionally, also, besides, another, etc.
  1. Order of Importance or climactic order – information are arranged from the least important to the most important or vice versa.   You can start with the less important details, then the more important ones and finally end with the most important.
  1. Comparison and contrast – information are arranged according to similarities and differences between items. You can use transitions words such as likewise, on the other hand, on the contrary, similarly, etc.
  1. General to specific or vice versa – this is the most common way of arranging ideas in logical sequence – from general to specific.  You can start with the topic sentence or the main idea, followed with supporting points.  Or instead of starting with the main point, you can start with specific information first and end your paragraph with the topic sentence.

Once I have mastered this technique,  I realize that I am able to write in a more coherent manner, no more jumbled ideas and every information is arranged in logical sequence.  My paragraphs have unity, that is, all sentences are about the topic. It also contains enough detail to develop the topic, therefore, it is complete.

TIPS:  READ.  If you really want to write, you have to continue reading.  Reading can provide you with lots of knowledge and information to help you write.   Take advantage of the ebooks and ezine that you can read for free on the internet.  WRITE. If you have a journal, write something, write anything, just write.  The more you write, the more you become proficient in your craft.